It's Staycation Time!

Vacations are a chance to break away from work and really enjoy life for a few days. But who says you can’t do that in the convenience of your own home and backyard? Never underestimate the power of a good staycation!

Try mixing it up—instead of spending weeks or months planning your travel route and dishing out your hard-earned savings for expenses like hotels, tours, and transportation, try a staycation!

Here are some tips to create your best vacation yet – as a staycation:

Start your morning off fresh with a steaming stack of pancakes.Start your day with a home-cooked, delicious breakfast that you normally wouldn’t have time to make. Do you lean towards a sweet or savory taste to start your day? You can’t go wrong with eggs and bacon or a piping hot stack of pancakes—better yet, why not indulge in both? It is vacation after all! Check out Food Network's best breakfast recipes.

Your belly is happy, and you now have a fun, full day ahead of you. You have a few options here. Depending on the weather, you can stay inside and do all the activities you don’t have time for when you’re in the swing of things. Start that book you’ve been longing to read, take out a puzzle, knit a scarf, or bake a delicious treat for yourself or your family.

Pack a blanket, drinks, and some delicious food and spend the day outside at the park.

Is the sun shining? Take your day(s) off to explore your own neighborhood. Go on a walk or run around town, have a picnic at the park, or paint/draw your favorite view in town. Enjoy those beautiful rays of Vitamin D that you mostly likely don't get enough when you're at the office all day. 

The sun is setting and it’s finally time for your favorite dinner accompanied by your favorite beverage. Is it going to be a pasta delicacy from Italy? Coq-au-vin from France? Schnitzel from Germany? Try some of these international recipes from Real Simple, or if you'd rather relax and order in, pick a new restaurant nearby for pickup or delivery. The choice is all yours! 


The best part of your day still hasn’t happened though. After a day of doing whatever you want, whenever you want, it’s time to change into your bathing suit and escape to your happy place. No vacation is complete without a dip in the water. A hot tub is a great place to clear your mind and be anywhere you want to be. You can reconnect with friends or soak up the bubbles with your travel partner. Use this time to be present and enjoy these moments that can be a rarity.

When you’re ready to get out of your personal oasis, snuggle up in a cozy blanket and turn on your favorite movie to end the day. If you’re lucky enough to extend your staycation, try mixing it up and hot tub early in the morning, then end your day with breakfast in bed.


Vacations are all about letting go and doing what you enjoy. A staycation, especially one involving a hot tub, can do just that, without all the stresses that come with traveling. A hot tub is an investment that you will have for years to come, and who knows how many staycations later!

Don’t have your own warm water escape yet? There’s still time before your staycation is over. Shop around to see which spa will fit best in your home. Get started for as little as $98/month. 

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