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We’ve compiled a list of our top selling hot tubs to help you find one you'll LOVE :)

Back in the day, if you wanted to buy a hot tub, your only choice was a glorified wooden barrel with an external fire and chimney system to heat the water . Nowadays, the choices are endless which can be overwhelming, that is why we have compiled a hot tub review list to help you narrow down your search .

Top Selling Freeflow® Spas

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AZURE™ Our most popular model, is a 4 person hot tub that feels large but still has a small footprint. It is a great entry level priced spa that delivers a high-end experience you won't believe until you try! The hot tub features a lounge seat that you can stretch out and relax or sit upright in. It also has an adjustable waterfall and plug-n-play technology so you can install the hot tub yourself.

EXCURSION® This model is a little larger than the Azure. It has some unique features including a built-in ice bucket, so you can keep your drinks cool while soaking in the hot water. You’ll be hard pressed to find a spa this size at such an affordable price!

MINI®  The name says it all. This compact spa can fit through any standard doorway or service elevator. It is perfect for a balcony, patio or deck.* It features a two way lounge, allowing soakers to sit side by side or facing each other. It also has a removable tray that acts as a table, allowing you to bring in your phone, Bluetooth speaker, book, drink, etc.

Additional Features Found in all Freeflow Spas:

tub_bl Rotationally molded making it extremely durable and much more lightweight than acrylic spas.

plug in Plug n play technology allows you to simply plug the hot tub into any standard 110v outlet. All you have to do is fill it up with a garden hose and plug it in. No expensive wiring or installation needed.

affordable Affordable, high-quality spas. SpaRetailer ™ magazine has listed us as a top manufacturer since 2012.


Wait until you see how affordable Freeflow Spas are!

Your local Freeflow Spas retailer can help you decide the best hot tub for you and how to finance the spa.


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*All pricing is suggested retail only. Final pricing depends on specific package and financing options and is ultimately up to the local retailer.

**Please check all local building codes to make sure your deck or patio can properly support the weight of a filled hot tub.

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